Rainbows By Design

About Us

First and Foremost, thank you for visiting this website.  I greatly appreciate it and hope that you find everything that you're looking for.

Rainbows By Design is a privately owned and operated business.  I specialize in breeding the most beautiful and highest quality rainbow boas that can be produced through desirable genetic mutations and selective breeding.

Throughout my life I have been extremely interested in biology with particular liking for "creepy crawlies."  I had always been interested in cold blooded critters as unique pets, but I began to be interested in breeding them post high school.  I went on to pursue degrees in the sciences.  Though completing my undergraduate degree in Chemistry, I received a minor in Mathematics and Biology with an emphasis on Genetics.  While at UCF, I spent my down time breeding exotic fish species.  When I moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue my graduate degree I took a strong interest in boas and pythons (as a hobby).  Once I produced my first clutch of BRB's I was hooked and have made it my goal to produce the finest quality Rainbow Boas and offer them at the most reasonable prices to allow others like myself to enjoy these amazing animals.
This is an image of Mina (a very special BRB) perched on a painted mug.  The mug was painted by a local artist, Ms. Bass whose husband has been a long time customer of mine.  She recently began to design these beautiful painted mugs featuring various species of snakes on them.  Ms. Bass painted this mug especially for me, and I thank her and admire her artistic abilities.

These animals are all my personal pets with their own names and identities.  My breeders as well as their off spring are individuals with their own identity and history.  I strive to document all important information (i.e. feeding, shedding etc.) on off spring and will pass that information on to the customer.

I must thank my friends who have fueled my passion for these amazing animals.  David Colling, Bryan Hummel, and Andrea Fultz among others have been amazing friends and a wealth of knowledge and support while pursuing my passion in the breeding of these amazing creatures.

In addition, I thank you, all of my current and future customers (FRIENDS) that value high quality... amazing animals.  I look forward to what the future will have to offer this hobby.