Rainbows By Design

All sales are final!!!  I guarantee the health and sex of all animals sold.

I guarantee live and healthy arrivals!!!  However weather conditions will affect the date of shipping.  I will only ship animals when the outside temperature is between 40 - 90oF.  Proper heating or cooling packs will be available free of charge and included at my discretion.

This is an image of my "Canary" Chondro, Sunshine, when she was only a year old.  I know, she is not a rainbow boa.  Though my passion (and approx. 90+% or my collection) are BRB's, I also have a few other species that I enjoy working with.
I accept all major forms of payment including major credit cards and PayPal.  Animals will not be shipped until payments clear my account.  If a sale is reliant on alternative methods of payment please feel free to address this with me.  I will try to be flexible to ensure your satistaction.

Any lay-a-ways or payment plans will be negotiated at my discretion.  Any and all payments made in this mannor are forfeit if you (the customer) backs out of the original deal/contract or are unable to continue payments within the specified time frame.